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School Policies


If your student is going to be absent from school, it is necessary for the student's family to call and leave a message on the attendance school line:

  • (505) 291-6844 press #2
  • Leave student's name, your name, teacher name, and reason for absence.

If we do not receive notification, the absence is recorded as unexcused. continued absences will be in violation of the New Mexico Compulsory Attendance Law, which may result in referral to the Court Liaison.


Students need to walk bicycles and scooters when on the school grounds. No roller blades or skateboards are allowed. HEELIES, shoe with wheels are not permitted on campus.

Birthday Celebrations

Birthday celebrations at school are not encouraged. However, because some families feel this is important, it is recommended that cupcakes, etc. be served in the cafeteria during lunch.

No more that 15 minutes of class time should be devoted to a birthday celebration. Invitations to private parties cannot be distributed at schools unless all students in the class are invited.

Cell Phones

All cell phones must be turned off!!

They are to remain in backpacks during the school day. If you are caught using or playing with the cell phone, it will be taken away. A parent must meet with administration to pick up the phone.

early Checkout

We are discouraging checking students out between 1:30 and 2:00. Checking out early is considered an early pick up tardy, excessive checkouts can result in a referral to the court liaison office.


Field Trips

Field trips are tied directly to instruction, therefore excessive absences, red tickets, discipline referrals, and concerning behaviors are grounds for not being able to go on a field trip.


Chewing gum is not allowed during school hours.

lost and Found

The Lost and Found Box is located near the office. Please label your child's personal items; this will help speed recovery if articles do get lost.

School Messenger

APS's information phone system. This is a computer phone call to parents letting them know about absences excused or unexcused, emergencies, or up coming events.


Students with more than two red tickets or reoccurring discipline referrals will be excluded from playday.

Nightly reading

We promote a school wide nightly reading program for all students. Please make every effort to read with your child every night!!


Safety it taught as a regular part of the curriculum. Urge your child to obey the school rules and exercise precautions on the way to and from school.

Remember there is no supervision for students who arrive early, or for students that are not picked up on time.

Parents are encouraged to model safe practices, especially when dropping off and picking up your children.

Toys and Pets

Pets, toys, radios, sports equipment, etc., should not be brought to school. The school cannot be responsible for these items.

Items that might inflict pain or injury will be taken away from the child. Also, items that are disruptive to classroom learning will be confiscated.

Any Albuquerque Public School students in possession of a firearm will be suspended "long term".


One of the goals at Tomasita is to provide opportunities for parents, community members, and staff to work together to help our students be the best they can be. Please stop by the office if you'd like to become involved!

To volunteer on a regular basis you must complete APS's fingerprinting application process.