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Student and Parent Handbook

Abbreviated Day - Inclement Weather Schedule

The abbreviated / delay schedule is as follows:

  • If schools are on a 2-hour delay, the bell will be at 9:53 am.
  • School will start at 9:53 am.
  • School dismissal will be at the regular 2:00 pm on an abbreviated day

Classroom Interruptions

Students need to be in class to learn; We encourage families to visit, and be involve in the classroom. You are welcome to schedule appointments with the staff (when the teacher is not with students). We CANNOT interrupt learning time with personal messages to students (for example, where to go after school).

Once the student has arrived on campus for the day, he/she is NOT to leave the school grounds, except when authorized by the staff.

Making appointments and taking students out early from school is STRONGLY DISCOURAGED. We have a 2:00 PM dismissal. After our early dismissal is a good time for appointments! Please note that leaving early is the equivalent to a tardy.

Classroom/Teacher Change

We do not honor teacher placement requests, however, we do accept input regarding instructional needs your child may need. If you desire a change after placement and/or start of the school year, you will be asked to: Wait 2 weeks and conference with the teacher before a decision can be made. The principal, taking the class size in consideration, will then decide if changes will be made.

Clothing Bank

Contact school counselor or nurse if your student needs support. Parents need to sign a Field Trip Form for their child before the trip. Each child is allowed one trip per semester.

Our Purple "Homework" Folders

Every classroom uses the purple homework folder to communicate with families every day. You will find important school-wide announcements, classroom news, and student work in these folders. The folders are distributed the first week of school. Check the folder everyday!

Safety Drills

We are required by district policy to conduct routine fire, evacuation, and safety drills. If you have questions regarding such procedures, please contact the school.

Supervision and Arrical to School

Students are supervised on school grounds from 7:45 am to 2:10 pm. Students SHOULD NOT be on campus outside of these times. Exception to this would include:  Students in the City Rec. Program and/or if student is enrolled in before/after school programs.